Ontario Student Record

  • The Ontario Student record is the record of the students who studied in Ontario. The OSR or Ontario student record reflects the student’s education progress through elementary and secondary school years in Ontario.
  • The Ontario Education act says that the principal of the school collects information of the student’s OSR for including in school record and establish, maintain, retain, transfer, and dispose of the OSR.
  • The Ontario student record is the privilege for the principal and teachers at the school for the further improvement of instruction and success of the student.
  • When the student changes school all part of the Ontario student record would be transferred to the student’s new school except the office index card.
  • In case of a transfer of the student outside of Ontario, OSR can only be transferred to the new school if the principal of that school requests for it. The Ontario student record could only be transferred to the school outside of Ontario with the consent of parents, guardians, or students (18+).  The original OSR will still be retained by the Ontario School.
  • The principal has a right to remove the information from OSR if it is not helping students to improve in his/her academic achievements.
  • If the information in OSR is helpful to improve student’s academic achievement, parent, guardians, and student (18+) has the right to request to the principal to remove that information from their OSR.
  • For every student who is under the age of 18, their parents must be aware of the purpose of the contents of OSR and that they have access to all the information and contents of the OSR.