Ontario Universities' Application Centre

OUAC stands for Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

The OUAC is the centralized processing center that processes the students‚Äô applications for undergraduate programs in Ontario. OUAC receives the application from students through their respective schools, processes the application, and transfers the information to students’ chosen universities. Each university reaches its own admission decisions, and the OUAC provides the application processing service.

Important Information for CI Learning Students

  • Canadian International Learning will directly send your grades to OUAC, OCAS, your home, or your day school.
  • Students can access their OUAC account by logging in to¬†the OUAC login page.
  • Students need to make sure that OUAC has adequate time to process your application before the university’s deadline.
  • If you have passed the deadline for the program of your choice, you can contact the university application center for further assistance.
  • The deadline for each program is different in different universities in Ontario.

Read more about Important Dates and Deadlines for Ontario Universities’ Applications (2020-2021)

  • 101 application is used for applicants currently attending an Ontario high school. Read more for important dates and deadlines.
  • 105 application is used for all other undergraduate applicants. Refer to the list of Ontario universities¬†for specific deadline dates as they differ by university/program.