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SPH3U: Lesson 13 Quiz

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Complete all of the problems below. Write down the information given in each problem with the appropriate units, state what you are required to find, state the equations you will need to solve the problem, and show your complete solution.

When you are finished, submit your work for evaluation.

  1. Jose pushes a box 3.0 m by applying a force of 200 N onto it. How much work has he done?
  2. How much energy did Jose need in order to do this work?
  3. While dragging the recyclables box from your garage to the curb for collection you exert a force of 250 N and do 2.7 kJ of work. How far have you dragged the recyclables box?
  4. A serving of potato chips contains 240 calories, which is about 1010 kJ. How many times would you have to lift a 20 kg box to a height of 1.5 m in order to have done enough work on the box to have used up all of the energy in the potato chips?