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SPH3U: Lesson 6 Quiz

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Use the student exploration guide to investigateĀ free fall.


Be sure your name is on every page.

All questions require complete solutions. Be sure to state the information given in the problem, state the values you are required to find, show the equations you have used, and show all of your work.

Questions 3 and 4 must be answered in complete sentences.

  1. An airplane flying at 50.0 m/s is bringing food and emergency first aid supplies to a camp. The plan is for the pilot to drop the supplies so that they land on an ā€œXā€ marked on the ground 150 m below.
    1. How long will it take the supplies to fall to the ground? (You can ignore the effect of air resistance.)
    2. How far in front of the ā€œXā€ should the pilot release the supplies so that they land directly on the ā€œXā€?
  2. Jamilla throws a stone horizontally off of a pier into the ocean at a velocity of 20 m/s. If the stone is 40.0 m from the edge of the pier when it hits the water, how high above the water’s surface was the stone when Jamilla threw it?
  3. A cannonball is fired horizontally at a speed of 200 m/s from the edge of a cliff out over a flat, level plain. At the same time, a second, identical cannonball rolls off the side of the cliff and falls to the ground below. How will the time required for the fired cannonball to hit the ground compare to the time required for the second cannonball to hit the ground?
  4. A famous two dimensional motion demonstration called ā€œshoot the monkeyā€ involves firing a projectile at a monkey (a stuffed one, not a real one) suspended above the ground at the exact same time that the monkey is released and begins to fall to the ground. In order to hit the monkey with the projectile before the monkey hits the ground, where should you aim: above the monkey, at the monkey, or below the monkey? Explain your reasoning.