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BBB4M: Lesson 9 Quiz

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BBB4M: Lesson 9 Quiz

Scavenger Hunt Task

Complete the following Scavenger Hunt tasks.

Task 1 – Choose a country. Who is the Canadian ambassador to that country? Find a photo if possible.

Task 2 – Where is the Canadian embassy located in that country?

Task 3 РIdentify the country’s currency and find the current Canadian exchange rate for this currency.

Task 4 – Identify two (2) different trade agreements or international organizations that might help to facilitate Canadian trade with this country.

Task 5 – Find three (3) different lobbying groups in this country. For each, identify an issue that the group might be concerned with.

Task 6 – Has Canada ever taken a trade mission to this country? If so, when?

Task 7 – Visit the Jr. Team Canada site. Assume that you are submitting an application. How would you answer the required questions:

  • What makes you unique and what skills/attributes could you bring to a mission team?
  • If you were selected for a trade mission, how could you use the experience to give back to Global Vision and your community?
  • What sectors would you choose to represent and why?