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PSK4U: Lesson 12 Quiz

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PSK4U: Lesson 12 Quiz

Assignment 2: Time To Get Real!

Imagine you were about to pick up a glass of water to drink (flexion of the arm at the elbow). Research and name muscles that fill the role of those listed below and write a brief description of how the muscles work together to pick up the glass.

  • prime movers/agonists
  • antagonists
  • stabilizers/fixators
  • synergists

Add your paragraph to your Portfolio.

Assignment 3: First Year Anatomy Class

Imagine you are a first year university student sitting in a lecture hall, watching your professor lecturing on “Muscle Cells”. As you watch the following video, make point form “lecture” notes summarizing the process of excitation coupling and the sliding filament theory. You can pause and rewind whenever you need to.

Use this organizer to help you take your notes.

Add your explanation of the excitation coupling and sliding filament theory to your Portfolio.

Assignment 4: The Muscle Times needs you!

You have been chosen to produce the lead paragraph or opening segment for the new hot multimedia platform, the “Muscle Times.”

You may wish to write the lead paragraph for their website, create an opening video segment or even an audio file of the lead into a podcast. The choice is yours for the format.

Below are 4 headlines and hooks about a disease or condition related to the 4 chapters of our story “A Time to Contract”. You are to research each topic and create only the lead paragraph or opening segment for that topic.

Your paragraph will:

  • introduce the stage of muscle contraction you will be focusing on ( i.e. the nervous system, the motor unit etc.)
  • briefly explain the chemical and physical processes involved in that stage of muscle contraction and how external factors ( ie. concussion, CTE, disease, poisoning etc.) can affect muscle contraction and human movement

Don’t forget that writing a lead paragraph makes readers want to know more, so peak your reader’s interest in your paragraph.


The following resources may be helpful in writing your lead paragraph:

  1. ThoughCo
  2. WordCount

Add your assignment to your Portfolio.

Chapter, topics and Headlines:

Chapter 1: “The Command Centre” – the effects of concussion, CTE, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease on the nervous system and human movement.

Headline: From sacks to suicide

How repeated hits to the head has created a neurological nightmare called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Chapter 2: “Subway Surfer” – the effects of multiple sclerosis on the motor unit and human movement.

Headline: Canada has the highest rate of this disease in the world…

Multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the myelin insulation of nerve fibres which then impedes muscle movement.

Chapter 3: “Jumping the Gap – the effects of Botulinum poisoning on the neuromuscular junction and human movement.

Headline: Using poison to be “beautiful”

The use of Botulinum poison in cosmetic surgery.

Chapter 4. “The Final Movement” – the effects of calcium on muscle contraction and human movement.

Headline: Milk does the body good in more ways than one!

Calcium’s role in muscular contractions.