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PSK4U: Lesson 8 Quiz

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PSK4U: Lesson 8 Quiz

Assignment 2: Assessing Your Community

Each year ParticipACTION, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to help Canadians sit less and move more, releases their Report Card on physical activity.

The Report Card takes information from multiple sources and tells us in 12 different ways how physically active we are. Over the years, the Report Card has been replicated in numerous cities, provinces and countries. It now serves as a blueprint for collecting and sharing knowledge about the physical activity of young people around the world.

Take a few minutes to read through the 2018 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth.

As you are reading the report use the following graphic organizer to take notes on the key areas of the report. Pay careful attention to page 6 of the report as in this activity you will be creating a report card for your community.

Assignment 3: My Community in a Snapshot

Thinking about your family, your school and your community, take a picture that captures evidence of something that has impacted your overall participation in physical activity in a positive way.

Assignment 4: My Community Report Card

Now it’s your turn to assess and report on your own physical activity and that of your school and community. You will be creating a report card that reflects you, your family and friends, your school and your community with respect to influences on levels of physical activity. You will report on the 6 criteria listed below.

This task is meant to be a reflective “eye opening” journey to see both the positive and negative aspects of your situation. Remember, some of the factors are out of your control. The actual grade you assign on your report card is only meant to be an indicator of where your community might focus its attention to increase physical activity rates. The assessment of your community using the criteria listed below and your explanation of the grade you assign may be used as a tool for change for you, your family, your school, and possibly your community.

Your report should include the following:

  1. An analysis of your own habits, your school’s influences and your community structures using the criteria listed in the chart below. Use the questions under sample indicators to help guide your analysis and to draw your conclusions. These questions are meant to be a guide for your assessment. You may use other indicators to justify your assessment;
  2. An assignment of a grade from Level 1 to 4 for each criteria and provide an explanation to why that grade was received;
  3. A creative design that appropriately reflects your own personal situation, your school and your community.
CriteriaWho am I assessingSample Indicators
Active PlayMy HabitsTo what degree am I meeting the guidelines for daily physical activity?
SleepMy HabitsHow often am I meeting or exceeding the daily recommended amount of sleep?
Sedentary BehavioursMy HabitsHow much of my day do I spend being sedentary?
Sources of InfluenceMy FamilyTo what degree does my family emphasize the importance of physical activity and set an example of involvement in physical activity as part of our day to foster healthy habits?
Organized Sport & Physical Activity ParticipationMy SchoolTo what degree is there opportunity to be involved in physical activity/sports/clubs? Who has access to these programs? Who cannot access these programs and why?
Sources of InfluenceMy SchoolHow much time is spent together in physical activity/ leisure pursuits compared to physical activity guidelines?
Sources of InfluenceMy SchoolTo what degree does my school community emphasize the importance of physical activity and set an example of involvement in physical activity as part of the school day to foster healthy habits within our school community?
Active TransportationMy CommunityTo what degree are there safe walking routes to school and work, bike lanes and walking trails?
Organized Sport & Physical Activity ParticipationMy CommunityTo what degree do members of my community have access to a variety of programs, affordability and availability of programs, access to physical activity spaces such as pools, arenas and parks? Who has access to these programs? Who cannot access these program and why?
The Built EnvironmentMy CommunityTo what degree does the built environment in my community affect my ability and my family’s ability to be physically active?
Strategies and InvestmentsMy CommunityHow has local government invested in building healthy and accessible spaces and provided access to programs for all community members? What is my community’s local strategic plan related to healthy communities and providing access to physical activity programs, facilities and spaces?